Housing Legal Surroundings

On June 2, 2016, adopted by the General Assembly Act No. 75/2016 on housing compensation, Housing Code (legal status of the tenant and landlord) no. 63/2016 and Law no. 51/2016 on general apartments. In this case, Regulation No. 1248/2018 on Municipal Housing Programs.

Task forces

In June 2016, two teams were also appointed by the mayor to meet the legislation and to prepare the city's housing measures.

The CoR Task Force on Housing Law and Housing Improvement was appointed by the Mayor on 21 June 2016. The role of the team is to review the new Housing Improvement Act and the changes that have been made to the Housing Act with respect to the legal status of the tenant and landlord. The task of the group is to draft new rules for special housing support from the CoR.

The CoR's Founding Membership Team was appointed by the Mayor on 20 June 2016. His role is to review the law on public housing in view of the city's founding act and to make recommendations for the city's rules on founding acts and their application, as well as to draw up recommendations for specific rules on the construction of apartments in Reykjavik on the basis of the comprehensive law on public housing. The rules for the founding of the CoR were adopted by the City Council on 29 September 2016.

The objectives and effects of the aforementioned CoR acts and teams are briefly discussed on the right-hand side. ???