Concept portfolio for the restoration of Laugardalslaug

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There is a design competition ahead among professionals for the restoration of Laugardalur Pool and related manpower. New and advanced ideas are being sought, so let yourself dream big.

You can make an impact by submitting an idea.

Detail of the process


for cutting-edge and innovative ideas that underline the role of the pool as a hub for swimming, swimming lessons, wellness and water games for people of all ages. In addition to being a living cultural and social scene.

You can post your idea to better Reykjavík or send an email to In Laugardalslaug there is also a idea box where ideas can be submitted.

Laugardalslaug's canopy is one of the city's landmarks and is expected to preserve the essential appearance of older human settlements, although development and increased use of canopy as a whole will also be called for. An under-utilized area may be indicated in the basement of a cockpit building, its northern part, as well as the old delivery in a main building.


Stúka Laugardalslaugar er eitt af kennileitum borgarinnar og gert er ráð fyrir að viðhalda í meginatriðum útliti eldri mannvirkja. Kallað var eftir hugmyndum um þróun og aukna notkun stúkumannvirkis í heild sinni.

Lodge Laugardalur

Swimming Culture

Iceland has a great and deeply rooted swimming culture. The pools command a major place in Icelanders' quality of life, and this country's swimming culture is unlike anywhere else in the world. A swim is part of everyday life, an integral part of many people's daily routine, an active and living part of society.

Laugardalslaug is one of the eight public swimming pools in the city run by Reykjavik Sports and Recreation. In the service of swimming pools, the aspect of the city's culture that we associate with a healthy way of life and the quality of nature inherent in hot water and the use of geothermal energy is very well represented.

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About the project


design competition will be held in partnership with the Icelandic Architectural Association. On the basis of the competition, a proposal and ideas for continued design and implementation will be selected.