Q&A About Driving Services


You apply for driving services for people with disabilities through the City of Reykjavik. After that, Pant completely manages the driving.

List of questions

Is there a maximum number of trips?

There is no maximum number of trips, but Reykjavik City may cap the number of trips in special circumstances.

How much does the service cost?

  • The rate for a regular trip is equal to half the standard fee for the public bus (Strætó).
  • The fee for a trip ordered the same day is the same as the full fee for the public bus.

Can I bring a passenger?

You can bring one passenger and the passenger will pay the same price as for you. Children who are younger than primary school age do not pay when coming with parents with a disability.

What if I stay temporarily outside the capital area?

You can submit a request to Reykjavik City to use the services of another municipality during your stay there. The request is sent to the email address of akstur@reykjavik.is.