Children's Book Award of

The CoR Children's Book Prize is awarded annually according to tradition and presented on the last winter day at a festive ceremony in Cape Town.

Objective of the project

The CoR Children's Book Award has the longest history of children's book awards in the country, and its main objective is to raise awareness of what is well done in book publishing for young readers and encourage them to read.

The Children's Book Award and its related projects are being carried out in cooperation with the Education and Recreation Council and the Culture, Sports and Leisure Council of the CoR in the City of Literature.


The prize is awarded to writers, picture writers and translators of children's books for ambitious editorial constructions and translations for children. The aim of this prestigious award is to raise awareness of the significance of good literature for children and youth and what is well done in this important forum of Icelandic book publishing.

The prize is therefore trivial, i.e. a prize for the best original Icelandic children's book, the best translation of a children's book into Icelandic and the best image description in an Icelandic children's book.

Fifteen books, five in each category, are nominated; for the best original children's and adolescents' book, for the best translation of a foreign children's and adolescents' book, and for the best image description.


The CoR Children's Book Prize jury is composed of five representatives appointed by the School and Recreation Council, the UNESCO City of Literature, the Writers' Union and Model, the Society of Picture Writers.