About Vesturbaejarlaug Pool

Vesturbaejarlaug Pool opened in 1961. The building is 850 square meters. The area has a swimming pool, children's pool, five hot tubs, steam room and sauna, fitness facilities as well as playing equipment. In 2014, a double hot tub was added.


Bardur Isleifsson and Jes Einar Thorsteinsson.

Year of Construction


History of the building

In 1953, two committees were appointed for the construction of the Vesturbaejarlaug Pool. One was a building committee, organized by the Reykjavik town council, the other was a fundraising committee appointed by the Reykjavik Sports Federation. The fundraising committee raised funds from the residents of Vesturbaer and girls from the Women's Academy (“Kvennaskólinn”) also raised funds for the construction of the pool.

By the end of 1953, 150,000 kr. had been raised. The intent was not to build the pool only for the collection money. The town of Reykjavik also gave funding. This initiative led to the start of construction. The collection money was used to buy a piece of art painted on ceilings and walls at the front and to buy a large aquarium that was installed in the pool lobby, and enjoyed by visitors for years.

A new double tub with massage nozzles was added in 2104.

Size of the Building: 850 m2
Lot Size: 1,633 m2

Main Pool

Length: 25 m, width: 12.5 m Maximum Depth: 3.80 m Smallest Depth: 0.90 m Circulation Time: 6 per 24 hours
Surface area of the main pool and children's pool: 430.5 m2 Volume: 700 m3 Temperature: 27-30°C Number of Lanes: 5

Children's Pool

The children's pool is connected to the main pool. The temperature is 32°C . Cleaning equipment is shared with the main pool.

Hot Tubs

The cold tub Temperature: 8-12°C 3.7 m2 | 2.7 m3
Tub 2 Temperature: 38.6°C 1.5 m3
Old massage pot Temperature: 38.6°C 3 m2 | 1.5 m3
Tub 4 Temperature: 43.6C° 3.3 m2 | 6 m3
New massage tub Temperature: 39°C 59 m2 | 44 m3
New wading pool Temperature: 37°C 33 m2 | 10 m3

Cleaners are sand filters, 4 for hot tubs and the cycle time is 48 times a day. Disinfectant medium is chlorine pH. CO² management. The total amount of water in hot tubs is 14.2 m3.

The new tubs do not have a heat exchanger, but are real old school thermal pools. They have 4 m3 leveling tanks and we use the tanks and all the latest computers/machines to control temperature and water quality.

Steam Room

Steam Room Common to men and women: 28 m2


Sauna Individual for men and women: 5 m2 each

Saunas are not for children under the age of 18.

Water in showers

Mixed thermal spring water and heated cold water to reach 43°C.

Pool water

All water in showers and pools and tubs is thermal spring water. The pH of the water is controlled by the use of carbon dioxide and therefore has a pH of about 7.5, which makes it possible to limit the use of chlorine.

Chlorine levels are determined by Article 17 of Regulation No. 814/2010 on Hygiene at Swimming and Bathing Resorts.

Playing Equipment

A small children's slide, a basketball panel, and a cardio equipment room.

Outdoor Change Rooms

There are outdoor change rooms for both men and women with four showers and toilets.

Directors since opening

Hoskuldur Godi Karlsson 1961-1965
Gudmundur Thorarinsson assistant
Erlingur Th. Johannsson 1965-1981
Haukur Jonasson 1981-1994
Olafur Gunnarsson 1994-2004
Jens A. Jonsson 2004-2005
Gudrun Arna Gylfadottir 2005-2011
Haflidi Halldorsson 2011-2017
Gudrun Arna Gylfadottir 2017-