The departments of Reykjavik City are named in accordance with the councils they serve. Department heads lead each department under the authority of the mayor, while also working on various forms of preparation of strategic objectives with the councils.

Department of Finance and Risk Management

The financial and risk management department oversees the CoR's financial management. The field has a contact surface with all aspects of City Fund Section A operations and provides managers with information, support and retention.

Department of Human Resources and Work Environment

The CoR's Human Resources and Environment Directorate oversees the CoR's human resources and supports the city's policies and key priorities.

Department of Culture and Sport

In the city's neighborhoods, ITR provides a range of services geared towards the city's free time. It includes swimming pools, sports centres, skateboard parks, artificial turf fields and kick fields.

Department of School and Recreation

The school and recreation sector provides comprehensive services to children and families in the city and contributes to the continuity of any work that has the well-being of children and their families at heart.

Department of Environment and Planning

Environment and Planning stands on an old foundation, but it officially took up its duties in January 2013 when Environment and Transport, Planning and Construction, and the Execution and Property Sector were merged.

Department of Welfare

The City of Reykjavik provides a wide range of services with the main objective to help improve the quality of life of the City's inhabitants. Under the field, some 120 sites, 64 of which provide 24-hour services, are covered.

Department of Services and Innovation

The Department of Services and Innovation is one of the three core areas of the CoR. The Department of Services and Innovation is one of the three core areas of the CoR. The main function of the field is to take care of the CoR's internal and external services and to promote innovation in its activities.