About Sundholl Reykjavik Pool

Sundhollin Pool opened in 1937. Architect Gudjon Samuelsson designed the building. Sundhollin Pool is just under 2,700 square meters. It has a swimming pool, children's pool, hot tubs, steam room, and diving boards, as well as fitness facilities.


Gudjon Samuelsson.

Year of Construction


History of the building

Knud Zimsen, town engineer in 1902, mentions in his memoir that he made a proposal for the construction of an indoor swimming pool in Reykjavik, but the proposal did not get support from the town council of Reykjavik.

In 1927, Jonas from Hrifla brought up the idea that the Treasury should contribute 50,000 kr. to build to an indoor pool on the condition that the town council would contribute an equal amount. The motion was not adopted.

In 1928, the Government presented a bill to construct an indoor pool, Sundhollinn Pool, in Reykjavik. According to the bill, the State would contribute 100,000 kr. and the city should contribute an equal amount plus the land.

The first suggestion of Gudjon Samuelsson was to have the building in the style of an Icelandic turf farmhouse. The pool was supposed to be in three parts, one pool was supposed to be for children, a larger one should be for athletes, and the third one was supposed to be filled with ocean water. Gudjon’s first suggestion was not followed but, in 1929, construction began on the Sundholl building we have today. No construction happened for several years due to lack of funds. The Sundhollin Pool finally opened on March 23, 1937.

Size of the Building: 2,661 m2 Volume: 9,590 m3
Lot Size: 5,250 m2 No. of parking spaces: 30


Main Pool - Inside

Length: 25 m, width: 10 m Maximum Depth: 4 m Temperature: 29°C
Surface area: 250 m2 Total Water Quantity: 780 m3  

Indoor Children’s Pool

Length: 7.2 m, width: 10 m Maximum Depth: 1.10 m
Surface area: 72 m2 Temperature: 30°C

Outdoor Pool


Wading Pool


Hot Tubs

Upstairs Massage Tub Temperature: 39°C 16.7 m2 | 17.6 m3
Upstairs Hot Tub Temperature: 42°C 10.4 m2 | 10.9 m3
Outside Massage Tub    

Cold Tub


Steam Room

Steam Room Common to men and women:


Sauna Common to men and women:

Playing Equipment

The pool has two diving boards. The lower is 1.0 m above the water surface, the higher is 2.75 m above the water surface.

Directors since opening

Olafur Thorvardarson 1937-1942
Sigridur Sigurjonsdottir 1942-1945
Thorgeir Sveinbjarnarson 1945-1971
Hermann Hermannsson 1971-1975
Ingibjorg Sigurgeirsdottir and Lilja Kristjansdottir 1975-1983
Kristjan Ogmundsson 1983-1986
Stefan Kjartansson 1986-1993
Bjarni Kjartansson 1993-1998
Bjorg Snjolfsdottir 1998-1999
Gisli Jensson 1999-2005
Ottarr Hrafnkellsson 2005-2005
Katrin Lovisa Irvin 2005-2010
Gisli Jensson 2010-2014
Logi Sigurfinnsson 2014-2019
Sigurdur Vidisson 2019-2021
Drifa Magnusdottir 2021-