Terms and conditions for monthly permits for parking garages

How does the process work?

  • Application for a long-term parking space
  • A parking space is allocated
  • Subscriber pays for the subscription in their online bank
  • Subscription is set up in the access control system
  • The subscription is activated

Terms and conditions

Monthly permits in parking garages are solely for vehicles in general use, and registered vehicles have 24-hour access, however, it is only for one vehicle per subscriber at a time.

Cars without number plates, trailers, and other vehicles that are banned from use according to the Article 75 of the Traffic Act, No 77/2019 will be immediately removed from the garage at the owner's expense, subject to protest rights.

The Parking Fund will endeavor to ensure that there are always reserved spaces for holders of monthly parking permits. If there are no free spaces or if the permit holder cannot enter the building due to an equipment failure, it does not entitle the holder to park for free in a chargeable parking area in Reykjavík.

Violation of these terms will lead to immediate termination of the subscription. Reykjavík Parking Service assumes no responsibility for damage, burglary, or vandalism to vehicles in the parking garages. The parking garages are monitored by security cameras and police can request access to these records for case investigation.

Reykjavík Parking Service reserves the right to change the terms as necessary and will inform subscribers of all significant changes. The subscriber commits to abide by the terms in effect at any given time.

The Department of Environment & Planning uses the personal identifiable information submitted in connection with City parking garage monthly subscriptions, such as name, ID number, phone number, license plate number, and email, for the purpose of creating and fulfilling contracts with subscribers. Electronic surveillance in the parking garage is also conducted for security and property protection purposes. Images are generally stored for 30 days and deleted thereafter.

After the contract relationship has ended, data is stored for 30 years and after that period, transferred to the National Archives of Iceland according to Act No. 77/2014 on the Public Archives.

Terms updated March 7, 2023

Termination of subscription

If the payment slip has not been paid 15 days after the due date, access is blocked. If it still has not been paid 10 days later, it is considered that the subscription has been terminated and the parking spot will be offered to others.

You can terminate your subscription by email to bilahus@reykjavik.is. The termination takes effect as of the beginning of the next month or at the end of the period that has been paid for.

Further information

Holders of monthly parking permits have access to the parking garage 24 hours a day. Building access may vary by parking garage. A malfunction of parking garage equipment that does not allow the cardholder to enter does not entitle the cardholder to park for free in paid street parking.

Payers or subscribers can request the addition of license plate numbers to their subscription at any time. The maximum number of license plates per subscriber is 3. When the limit is reached, the license plate number to be blocked must be specified for another number to be added. Changes must be sent by email to bilahus@reykjavik.is well in advance. You cannot add a license plate number via phone or using the assistance button in a parking garage.

If the subscriber tries to exit with a license plate number that has not been reported, the subscriber must pay using the payment machine as a short-term user.

It is necessary for subscribers to notify when a vehicle is sold to avoid inconvenience should the new owner use the parking garage.