Weddings at Reykjavík City Hall


Spaces for weddings can be rented at the Reykjavík City Hall. This includes two halls on the third floor in the northern part of the City Hall, Turn and Tjarnarbúð, as well as space in Tjarnarsalur.

Space for weddings

Spaces for weddings are available for rent on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays between 10am and 3pm. The ceremony is expected to last a maximum of one hour and is conducted standing up.

A representative of the event management team assists renters with room setup, tablecloths and candleholders are included in the rental. The rental price is 30,000 kr. plus VAT on weekdays and 40,000 kr. plus VAT on Saturdays.


Renters handle all planning, acquire necessary permits, and secure officiants and witnesses. No more than 50 guests may attend the wedding. Access is ensured for everyone. Toasting is allowed after the ceremony; rice, soap bubbles, confetti, and similar are not permitted. Glassware can be rented at the City Hall if desired, as per the fee schedule.

An event management representative is present during the ceremony.

The event management team at Reykjavík City Hall is the contact for hall rentals for weddings and handles applications and their processing.

Rules for weddings at Reykjavík City Hall

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