Tightened closures and restrictions because of COVID-19

Covid-19 Welfare


Because of new group infections of COVID-19 that have happened this week, the Ministry of Health has issued a new regulation with tightened measures to prevent further mitigation of COVID-19. The regulation will go into action from 12 midnight today.

The action is taken because of group infections which have turned out to be the UK strain of the coronavirus. This strain has proven to be more infectious than previous strains of coronavirus found in this country.  Because of the situation all primary schools will be closed along with music schools. Preschools will be operating as much as is possible in regard to the regulation. Children who are born before 2015 are not subject to the regulation.

Tomorrow, Thursday 24. March preschools in Reykjavík will be closed until 12 noon. This will give the staff time to organize the days ahead.


The City of Reykjavík will take the following measures in heed of the regulation

  • Primary schools will be closed 
  • Music schools will be clodes (some will have internet lessons)
  • Teenage social centers will be closed
  • After school centers will be closed
  • The Adult Educational Center (Námsflokkar Reykjavíkur) will be closed
  • School bands will not rehearse
  • Preschools will stay open as much is possible in regard to the regulation
  • Swimming pools will be closed
  • Geothermal beach at Nauthólsvík will be closed
  • Ski resorts will be closed
  • Family park and zoo will be closed
  • Museums in Reykjavík will be open but with a limit of 10 persons. All advertised events are cancelled. This includes the libraries, art and history museums.
  • All sports activities both inside and outside that require contact are not allowed

City welfare services

Welfare service centers remain open. Traffic at the front desk will however be restricted. People should use the phone and e-mail as much as possible to book appointments and visits, rather than walk directly in from the street without an appointment.

The service centers are:

  • Service center of Árbær and Grafarholt. Hraunbær 115, 110 Reykjavík, Tel. 411 1200, e-mail arbaer-grafarholt@reykjavik.is
  • Þjónustumiðstöð Breiðholts. Álfabakka 10, 109 Reykjavík, Tel. 411 1300, e-mail:  breidholt@reykjavik.is
  • Þjónustumiðstöð Grafarvogs og Kjalarness – Miðgarður. Gylfaflöt 5, 112 Reykjavík, Tel. 411 1400, e-mail: midgardur@reykjavik.is
  • Þjónustumiðstöð Laugardals og Háaleitis. Efstaleiti 1, 103 Reykjavík, Tel. 411 1500, e-mail:  laugardalur.haaleiti@reykjavik.is
  • Þjónustumiðstöð Vesturbæjar, Miðborgar og Hlíða, Laugavegur 77, 101 Reykjavík, Tel. 411 1600, e-mail: vmh@reykjavik.is
  • Social centers for senior citizens will remain open but with no catering services. It is possible to order home delivered meals by calling  411 9450 or by ordering at maturinnheim@reykjavik.is
  • Social activities where serviced apartments are located will only be open for inhabitants. This applies to Vitatorg at Lindargata 59, Furugerði 1, Norðurbrún 1, Lönguhlíð 3, Dalbraut 21–27 and Seljahlíð at Hjallasel 55.  
  • Services for grown up disabled people and disabled children will be as normal as possible. Further information will be given as soon as possible.
  • Services for homeless people, daycare centers for the senior citizens and more services of the department of welfare will continue as usual.   

Other departments of the City of Reykjavík will follow previously decided emergency plans and limitations to prevent the disease from spreading and ensure that only ten people are together in a room where the two meter rule can be applied.

The City Service Desk at Borgartún will be open but visitors have to wear masks. The City Hall is also open, masks required.  

The City would like to point out the service telephone 411 1111 and webchat at the cities main website, reykjavik.is. Use those resources instead of visiting without appointment.

Further information about restrictions and closures can be found  here. https://reykjavik.is/covid19