Thanks for voting in My Neighborhood

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Tutaj możesz zobaczyć frekwencję wyborczą w poszczególnych okręgach
Tutaj możesz zobaczyć frekwencję wyborczą w poszczególnych okręgach

The election in the democracy project Hverfid mitt 2023 ended at midnight and the turnout was good. The highest participation was in Grafarholt and Úlfarsárdalur, in second place were the residents of Kjalarnes and in third place came the residents of Árbær and Norðlingaholt. Above you can see participation in each neighborhood.

A report with more detailed statistics on the voting will be available later.   

There were 248 ideas up for voting but 62 of them were chosen and will be implemented.   

Increased democracy through citizen participation   

The project Hverfid mitt has been growing in popularity in recent years and is developing in line with suggestions from both the citizens and from within the city administration. It is gratifying to receive confirmation that residents want to take advantage of this opportunity and contribute to improving the neighborhoods in the city.   

"We want to thank the citizens for voting and participating in this democratic project, My Neighborhood. With this consultation, it has been possible to improve the neighborhoods in the city with the insight and participation of the citizens", says Eiríkur Búi Halldórsson, project manager.   

The 62 projects that were chosen for implementation now are added to the 898 projects that have already been implemented through the democracy project My Neighborhood. The projects will be implemented next year 2024 and an effort will be made to consult with the creators of the ideas.   

On a brand new website you can see the selected projects in each neighborhood. 

kona með skikkju á hlaupahjóli, kynningarmynd fyrir Hverfið mitt.