Street closures related to the Women's Strike on October 24

Arctic Images/Ragnar Th.
Aerial view of Lækjargata, Arnarhóll, and surrounding areas.

Street closures will be in effect in downtown Reykjavík from Monday, October 23, due to the Women's Strike on October 24. This is in preparation for the rally, which will be held on Arnarhóll from 2pm to 3pm on Tuesday.

Where will city center closures take place?

From 6pm Monday, October 23 to 7pm Tuesday, October 24:

  • Kalkofnsvegur, between Geirsgata and Hverfisgata, will be closed to all car traffic.

From 11am to 4pm on October 24, additional street closures will be in effect as per the map:

  • Lækjargata from Skólabrú to Hverfisgata
  • Hverfisgata from Ingólfsstræti to Lækjargata
  • Skúlagata from the Ministry of Fisheries, Ingólfsstræti to Hverfisgata
  • Bankastræti from Ingólfsstræti
  • Amtmannsstígur from Skólastræti

Accessibility for people reduced mobility

Parking spaces for people of reduced mobility will be accessible at Skúlagata 4. Vehicles with P stickers will be allowed through manned street closures. Note that there will be a platform for wheelchairs on Kalkofnsvegur directly opposite the stage, with increased visibility for people who use wheelchairs.

The event will also be signed in sign language and captioned in English.

Changes to Strætó Public Transport

Strætó services will undergo changes during the closures:

  • Kalkofnsvegur between Hverfisgata and Geirsgata will be closed from 6pm Monday to 7pm Tuesday. Route 3 will take Hverfisgata and route 14 will take Sæbraut/Geirsgata in both directions.
  • Tuesday from 11am to 4pm. Traditional city center closure. Sæbraut/Geirsgata will be open.
  • Routes 3 and 14 will take Sæbraut/Geirsgata, and Routes 1, 6, 11, 12, and 13 will take Snorrabraut to the University and then return to their route.

Use the parking garages

People are encouraged to use the municipal parking garages.

Pictures of the street closures