Reykjavík Resident of the Year Marta Wieczorek opened Elliðaárnar this morning

Marta Wieczorek, Reykjavík Resident of the Year 2024, caught the first salmon of the summer at the opening of Elliðaárnar this morning. It is a 60-centimeter-long female salmon caught with a Green Butt fly.
Marta Wieczorek holds the first salmon of the summer 2024 by Elliðaárnar

Marta Wieczorek, a primary school teacher at Hólabrekkuskóli in Breiðholt and assistant principal at the Polish School, is the Reykjavík Resident of the Year 2023. Þórdís Lóa Þórhallsdóttir, President of City Council, announced the selection this morning during the opening of Elliðaárnar. This is the fourteenth time Reykjavík Resident of the Year has been chosen.

The Reykjavík Resident of the Year was first awarded in 2011. The purpose is to find someone who has been an exemplary figure in some way and to thank them for their contribution.

Þórdís Lóa Þórhallsdóttir tilkynnir val á Reykvíkingi ársins 2024 við veiðiskála í Elliðaánum og við hlið hennar stendur Marta

Working for the benefit of children in the city

Marta Wieczorek performs valuable and selfless work for the benefit of children in the city as a teacher at Hólabrekkuskóli. She has also worked at a preschool, shaping the early years of children in the neighborhood. She has worked diligently to enhance mother tongue instruction at the Polish School in Reykjavík, which was founded in 2008, emphasizing Polish language teaching while providing crucial support for bilingual students in Iceland. Students attending the Polish School not only improve their mother tongue but are also better prepared to learn Icelandic, which is essential for becoming active participants in Icelandic society. The school serves as an important bridge between the Icelandic and Polish communities, benefiting not only the children but also their parents. Marta also teaches an Icelandic language class for children who are new to Reykjavík. The class is run by South Center and takes place at the Family Center in Gerðuberg.

Cultural ambassador in Breiðholt

Marta has also been a cultural ambassador for her country in Breiðholt. This is a community project involving various language, cultural, and/or social groups and South Center. Cultural ambassadors aim to bridge different nations and cultures in the neighborhood with the goal of promoting democracy, enhancing information flow, and improving networking within the community.

Marta emphasizes the importance of helping people actively participate in the community they choose to live in. "It is also gratifying to meet all the people who are keen to build together and make their fellow citizens aware that forming isolated cultural and language groups can breed ill will and prejudice, and reinforce negative stereotypes. A much better solution is to get to know each other and benefit mutually," she says.

An exemplary professional

Lovísa Guðrún Ólafsdóttir, principal of Hólabrekkuskóli, describes Marta as an exemplary professional. "She always puts her students first and seeks ways to bring out the best in everyone. Marta is a positive leader who uses various teaching methods to ensure all students can utilize their strengths. We are lucky at Hólabrekkuskóli to have Marta in our excellent team. She is professional, student-centered, and positive in everything she undertakes," says Lovísa Guðrún.

Reykjavík Resident of the Year was naturally pleased with the title. "The nomination came as a complete surprise to me. It is truly gratifying to receive recognition for my work, and this will certainly encourage me further. However, this wouldn't be possible without the understanding family, and I am very grateful for their support," says Marta.

Reykvíkingur ársins fær lax í Elliðaánum og nýtur aðstoðar tveggja starfsmanna SVFR

Reykjavík Resident of the Year then opened Elliðaárnar at the invitation of the mayor of Reykjavík and the Reykjavík Angling Club, which has managed the rivers for 84 years. Þórdís Lóa Þórhallsdóttir, President of City Council, talked with Marta about her teaching work and her role at South Center. Refreshments were then offered at the fishing lodge by the river.

We warmly congratulate Marta on the nomination!