Reykjavík Christmas city in Christmas spirit

Jólaborgin Reykjavík. Ljósmynd: Ragnar Th. Sigurðsson
Jólaborgin Reykjavík

Reykjavík is dressed up for Christmas, and during Advent, various programs will be offered in the city centre and elsewhere.

The Christmas cat is now in place and the Christmas lights, about 200 thousand bulbs and 20 kilometres of Christmas lights, now adorn the city. The Oslo tree, which has a permanent place in the minds of the city's inhabitants, lights up Austurvöllur Park and is an essential part of the Christmas city.

The event pool of the Christmas City

A variety of events will be available during Advent that will delight visitors and pedestrians. 16 grants were awarded from the Christmas City's event pool to parties that will have events during Advent. There will be singing and music, choral singing and smaller singing groups, Harmonikkusystur and brass bands, to name just a few. The Santa Clauses will be on the move in the city centre and the troll Tufti will perform every Sunday until Christmas. Most events will be offered on weekends and then the last days before Christmas.

The Christmas Creatures

The Christmas Creatures game starts December 6, and by then all the creatures will have settled on the walls of houses across the city centre. The game has become popular among the city's visitors, who have to thread the streets and squares in search of the Christmas lights and fill in at The game runs until December 19 and great prizes will be drawn from the submitted correct answers.

Christmas forest

The City Hall's Christmas forest will be opened on December 6. Experienced designers Tanja Levy and Jökull Jónsson have transformed Tjarnarsalur Hall into an adventurous Christmas forest. Visitors and pedestrians can walk around the area and get into the Christmas spirit, as the smell of fir dominates in a decorative Christmas environment. The Christmas forest is open on weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm, on Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm and Sundays from 12 pm to 6 pm.

Fun on skates

Nova and Orkusalan's ice skating rink was opened on Ingólfstorg Square last weekend. At the rink, the Christmas spirit will prevail while guests skate on the rink, and between skating trips, they can enjoy hot cocoa and side dishes in the stalls. The ice rink is open every day from 12-9 pm except Christmas Day and Boxing Day. On New Year's Day, it is open until 15.00 and on New Year's Day, it is open from 12-21.00. You can book an appointment on the website.

Christmas markets

The Christmas market at Hjartartorg will be in its place and is open every weekend in December and on the days 21-23 December. There you will find a wide selection of vendors with small items and other exciting Christmas products. There will also be food trucks on site serving delicious dishes along with various entertainment at Hjartatorg surrounded by a real Christmas atmosphere.

Jólakvosin is a Christmas market located in the heart of Kvosin where Stuðsvellið Ice rink is and will run from 2 to 23 December. There will be a variety of stalls with delicious delicacies, sweets, Christmas mulled wine and products along with other fun things that will put everyone in a good Christmas mood. Smaller events will then be held in Jólakvosin, which will be announced later on the Facebook page of the Christmas market. The Christmas market will open on Friday 2 December and will be open the first weekend from 16-20 on Friday and 12-20 on Saturday and Sunday. 

Christmas at the Library

The City Library's Christmas program is varied and everyone should be able to find something to their liking in the run-up to Christmas. There will be readings from new books, a children's book ball, various kinds of crafts, sing-alongs and much more. The Christmas calendar is in place where one chapter will be opened per day, read or listen to Katla and Leo's Christmas Adventure. More about the City Library's Christmas program.

Jólin at Árbær Open Air Museum

Blessed Christmas is coming soon is the title of Árbæjarsafn's Christmas program on Sundays 10 and 17 December. On those days, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy Advent and experience Christmas as it was in Reykjavík in the good old days. Christmas preparations are in full swing in the town and a varied program will be offered. In Árbæ you can see local people cutting out puff pastry, combing wool and spinning yarn. In Hábær, the owners invite guests to taste Icelandic ham, and in Nýlenda you have to carve funny figures out of wood.

Christmas at Heiðmörk

The Christmas market in Elliðavatnsbær, which Skógræktarfélag Reykjavík organizes every year, opened last weekend. Those who want to cut down their tree are welcome to Hólmheidin, where the forestry's Christmas forest will be open every weekend until Christmas. Residents of the city centre can then go and buy a Christmas tree at the greenhouse on Lækjartorg, where the Skógræktarfélag Reykjavík's Christmas tree sale will be held on the 15th - 22nd of December. More about the program at Heidmö

Little Christmas at Elliðarárdalur

From December 6th to 8th, there will be a mini Christmas at Elliðaárstöð. The doors to the old power station in Elliðaárdalur will be open from 12 noon to 4 p.m. and visitors and pedestrians can take a look inside this historic building and breathe in the scent of Christmas. A Christmas pop-up shop will be in the workshop of the electrical station, where the new product line of Elliðaárstation will be for sale and display. The houses in the area will be decorated with beautiful Christmas lights and the cafe Á Bístró will offer a special Christmas menu. See the Little Christmas program in Elliðaárdal

All information about the program of Jólaborgin can be found at jó

Everyone welcome to Reykjavík Christmas City!