Reacting to snow melt flooding tomorrow


Starfsmaður Reykjavíkurborgar hreinsar ís og snjó frá niðurfalli.
Breaking ice around a drain

The Icelandic Meteorological Office has reported that snow melt flooding is expected tomorrow, Friday, due to warmer weather. A yellow warning will be in effect on Friday and until Saturday across Iceland. Temperatures of up to 10 C in the lowlands and rain are forecasted. The snow melt flooding can create hazardous conditions.

City of Reykjavík preparation

City staff have been hard at work in recent days clearing away the ice from street drains in known low points, so that the drainage system can efficiently manage the water. It has proven necessary to saw through the ice and use other tools to access the drains. Luckily, narrower streets, such as the ones on the west side of the city, have had large amounts of snow removed as well. We have also been sanding walking paths in the last few days.

Additionally, staff at Reykjavík City District Depots will be on duty until late Friday evening and potentially Saturday if necessary. Their main task will be to handle and prevent water accumulation on the streets.

The public is encouraged to remain alert to changing conditions and to clear ice from around drains to reduce the risk of flooding into buildings. It is important to clear ice from around drains where possible to reduce the likelihood of water flooding into buildings.

The City of Reykjavík Suggestion Portal will be monitored over the weekend and residents can let us know if water is pooling on streets.

Homeowners should check for overhanging snow and icicles today

The city also reminds homeowners that it is their responsibility to check for and remove any overhanging snow or icicles that may fall from their houses. This is especially important in these hazardous weather conditions, as passing vehicles and pedestrians could be in danger from falling snow and ice.

Drains in the City Viewer

Drains in Reykjavík have been partially mapped. Mapped drains can by seen in the City Viewer if you toggle drains (I. fráveita) (marked N).