Opening Ceremony of Reykjavik Arts Festival 2022

Sun&Sea exhibition

The opening ceremony of the Reykjavik Arts Festival will be held today at 5:00 pm in Austurvollur, starring the Dutch art group Close-Act Theatre. Tall mysterious creatures and cheerful drummers giving a beat. This is a world-class event.

Reykjavik Arts Festival is one of the events making Reykjavik a city among cities. It is cultural scene backbone that makes Reykjavik more enjoyable, more interesting, and more colorful.

The festival began on June 1st and lasts until June 19th and takes place in traditional and non-traditional spaces all over Reykjavik and beyond City limits.

Reykjavik Arts Festival has been a leading force in Icelandic cultural life since it was founded in 1970. It was held biennially in the beginning, but between 2005 and 2016 it was held annually. Since 2016, the festival has once again become biennial.

This year's festival schedule is diverse and takes place across Reykjavik—and everyone should find something to their liking.

Reykjavik Arts Festival 2022 Program

Reykjavik Art Museum