How schools are affected by stricter infection control

Covid-19 School and recreation


Pre-schools and primary schools in the capital area resumed their work today, Tuesday 3 November.  Yesterday was used to rearrange the set-up within the school premises, in line with stricter infection control rules issued on 31 October.

In recent weeks, pre-schools and primary schools have taken various preventative measures in order to divide different classes and school-levels into smaller groups to meet with the existing rules on social distancing, infection control and limited social contact between groups.  This has been an ongoing task since the pandemic broke out in March, and the schools are therefore well prepared to rearrange their work in accordance with every new regulation of the Minister of Health on the restriction of school work.  The newest regulation on schools will be effective from 3-17 November, when its effect will be evaluated.

Insignificant changes in pre-schools and at the youngest level of primary school

Insignificant changes will be made in preschools and at the youngest level of primary schools and after-school services, i.e. for children in 1st to 4th grade.  They are not required to wear face masks.  No more than 50 children and 10 adults should remain in the same space for this age group.

Middle and upper level of primary school

Students from 5th to 10th grade should maintain a 2 metre social distance, but wear face masks if this cannot be respected.  They need to use face masks in common areas within the school premises.  No more than 25 students and 10 adults should remain within the same room.  Some changes in schooling may be expected for these age-groups, but strong emphasis is placed on students coming to school every day. School authorities will find ways to make up for cut-back in school attendance, i.e. through distance learning. This will be based on the experience from the spring semester, when most schooling was done through distance learning.

Music school activities will vary according to circumstances

The work and activities of music schools will vary according to circumstances in each and every school.  School administrators will inform students and parents directly on the arrangements for their music school.

Organized sports and leisure activities are not allowed

No organized sports, youth or leisure activities are allowed.  This includes the activities of youth community centres, which is currently suspended but will be continued with on-line events.

Information on further arrangements will be sent from each school

School-managers will send information about their school arrangements directly to parents.  Schools will provide masks for those students who are required to use them, but students are encouraged to bring masks from home for the first few days if possible.

Children and the restrictions on gatherings