Citizen's Convention - first steps

Children in preschool drawing with markers

The Reykjavík City Council invites you to an open Citizens' Convention on June 8, 2024. The convention will be held from 11am to 1pm in Tjarnarsalur at Reykjavík City Hall.

The goal of the Citizens' Convention is to create a platform for open discussion and exchange of opinions on services for children aged 0-6 years.


At 11am-11:25am

Opening of the Citizens' Convention

Mayor Einar Þorsteinsson will open the convention and welcome participants.

Presentation on child policy

City Councilor Magnea Gná Jóhannsdóttir will present the ongoing policy on children's issues.

Democracy initiatives at Reykjavík City

Sigurlaug Anna Jóhannsdóttir, Democracy Advisor, will briefly discuss the Citizens' Convention in the context of the City's Democracy Policy.

At 11:25am-12:45pm

Table discussions

Consultants from Arcur will outline the arrangements for table discussions, and groups will begin their discussions.

At 12:45pm-1pm


A very brief overview of the main discussion points and viewpoints that emerge during the table discussions.

During the Citizens' Convention, table discussions will focus on the following topics related to services for children and families with children:

  1. Child-friendly urban environment
  2. Diverse family structures and services for them
  3. Daycare - preschools and day care providers
  4. Care gap between parental leave and daycare
  5. Children's prosperity and access to welfare services

The table discussion questions are:

  1. What is positive about our current services and system that needs protection and further promotion?
  2. How can we better meet the needs of children and families through new methods or changes in services?

Parents and guardians are encouraged to attend and share their opinions along with other stakeholders. Children are welcome and there will be a special children's corner in the City Hall during the convention where children remain under parental supervision. The Convention will take place in Icelandic.

Wersja polska