Bike route from Reykjavík to Keflavík Airport

A man biking by the ocean.

A working group's report on the development of the bike route between Reykjavík and the Keflavík Airport was presented at the Environment and Planning Council this morning.

The working group included representatives from Reykjavík City, the Association of Municipalities in the Capital Area (SSH), and the Association of Municipalities in Suðurnes (SSS). Representatives from Hafnarfjörður, the Road Administration, and Kadeco were also invited to participate in discussions. One action in Reykjavík City's Cycling Plan 2021-2025 was for Reykjavík City to initiate discussions with SSH, SSS, and municipalities in the West of Iceland about the construction of bike routes.

The purpose is to enhance access and support cycling culture

The aim is to support ongoing development of paths to and from the capital area, strengthen the cycling culture in the southwest corner of the country, and increase access for tourists who wish to travel around the country and the capital by bike or on foot.

The working group only examined the route between the capital area and Keflavík Airport. They were tasked with investigating potential route selection, coordinated markings, the future home for the project, and to form a collective view on financing. The idea was to start a discussion that could expedite the project becoming a reality.

Builds on existing trails and paths

Considerable preparation work has been undertaken by the municipalities within SSS as the route goes through several municipalities in Suðurnes. All municipalities have submitted proposals for the layout of paths through their municipality on this route but the design is at different stages. The prerequisites for the current route selection are mostly built on existing trails and paths which are either old gravel roads, line roads, or side roads.

In the working group's report, it is stated that the Road Administration will pay at least half of the implementation costs but each municipality must take the initiative for the Road Administration’s participation in the financing.

The report also refers to a resolution presented by the regional planning committees of the capital area and Suðurnes on Friday, May 12, 2023, emphasizing that the government should advocate for the following: “A comprehensive network of pedestrian and cycle paths for the area should be planned, connecting the main employment, residential, service, and outdoor areas. Safe bike lanes should be completed and marked between Keflavík Airport and the capital area.”

Kadeco is interested in moving the project forward with the municipalities and coordinating their efforts by assisting in planning project management for the reconstruction of the bike route around Reykjanes with the overall interests of all municipalities in mind.

Green transportation to KEF

Good and environmentally friendly transportation between the international airport in Keflavík and the capital area will be discussed at an open meeting of key stakeholders in the Salur in Kópavogur tomorrow morning, Thursday, October 12. Reykjavík City, Ministry of Infrastructure, Kadeco, the Regional Planning Committee of the Capital Area, and the Association of Municipalities in Suðurnes are organizing the meeting.

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