602 preschool children are off for fall break

School and recreation

Children in swings at a preschool.

During the upcoming fall break, 602 preschool children in Reykjavík will be absent from their preschools on days that primary schools are on break, or just over nine percent. Earlier this year, the City Executive Council approved the option for parents to apply for waiving fees for children who do not attend preschool during the observed Holy Week (I. dymbilvika) and working days during winter break in primary school. This arrangement has been made for a few years during the days between Christmas and New Year's and has proven to be successful.

You need to apply for the waiver

To get the fees waived, an application for reduction had to be submitted before the specified deadline. The waiver is only applicable if the entire primary school vacation period is taken off. The same applies to other periods during the Holy Week, the winter holidays after New Year's, and between Christmas and New Year's.

Success between Christmas and New Year's

In late 2018, the City Executive Council approved that parents can apply waiving fees for the days between Christmas and New Year's, provided that leave is taken all those days. This arrangement has now become established in Reykjavík and many families have used this opportunity in recent years or 47 to 61 percent.

By applying for the waiver beforehand, the number of children in preschools becomes more predictable on these days. This way, we hope to be better able to plan preschool operations in terms of the number of children and for there to be flexibility to allow for leave or for staff to use up accumulated shorter workweek balances.