There are many things to consider when gardening in Reykjavik City. Smoking herds, caring for trees and outdoor paths, planting flowers, and in the few days when it doesn't rain enough, the garden pitches need to be pulled out.

Workshop Stations

Three workshops provide key horticultural activities in the city, such as maintaining parades, tree nurseries, and flowerbeds in open spaces and institutional grounds.


Workshop Station I

Parade parks on Klambratún

Flókagata, 105 Reykjavík


Workshop Station II

At Electrolytic Road, 110 Reykjavík


Workshop Station III

Access from Sunnuvej, 104 Reykjavík

The Fossvogur breeding facility

The irrigation plant manages the cultivation of flowers, culinary herbs and woody vegetation for the city's outdoor areas and the Reykjavík School Gardens. In the breeding centre, efforts are being made to maintain Icelandic heifers and breeding farms and to increase the number of material which has adapted to Icelandic conditions.



outskirts of the country include the east side of the country, the heathen east side of the settlement, the valley of Ella, and the hill of Ashkelon. Outdoor workers manage the cultivation, farrowing and creation of outdoor paths in the outskirts and forested areas within the building. Employees are also involved in the Read into the Forest project, which, among other things, cooperates with the city's schools in the emergence of a dense forest.

Senior foreman: Björn Juliuson

Phone: 411–8640