Future Vision of Transportation

The promotion of eco-friendly travel habits is a guiding principle of all Reykjavik City policies. The key to success in changing travel habits is to ensure that decisions about urban compaction and improvements pertaining to public transport, cycling, and pedestrians are considered together.


The City of Reykjavik is the second largest maintainer of roads in the country, and the City has many different types of streets. The City's street spaces are constantly being improved, made more eco-friendly, lush, and safe—and they must serve all modes of travel. 

Reykjavik City Municipal Plan

Reykjavik City Municipal Plan 2040 The main focus is on promoting other modes of travel than the private car, thereby slowing the increase of car traffic and lowering the impact on the road system. The main criterion is that the changing travel habits will offset the increase in traffic brought about by urban compaction. This should make the increase in car traffic insignificant during the planning period, despite the increase in the number of residents and jobs. The aim is to promote as efficient and safe transport as possible without building extensive street infrastructure.

Public Roads Administration

Did you know that the Public Roads Administration maintains urban highways? Examples of highways in Reykjavik are Kringlumyrarbraut, Miklabraut, Hringbraut, Vesturlandsvegur, and Reykjanesbraut.