Quality and monitoring

Day parents work independently, but the CoR provides day-care supervision. Activities are monitored and there are three uninvited monitoring visits per year to each site.

Criteria for quality employment

For example, standards for quality work in day-care are elaborated based on domestic day-care regulations. They are intended for both parents and day parents. They can be used by day parents to plan their work or assess where their day care stands. Parents can use the criteria to better understand what the goals of domestic day care are and which aspects are important to consider when looking for a day parent. The CoR carries out monitoring of day parent activities. The CoR carries out monitoring of day parent activities. Part of monitoring are monitoring visits, as well as security incidents, equipment and the number of children being reviewed.

Unsatisfactory conditions

If something worries you during daycare, it's important to provide tips and feedback to your parent or daycare advisor at the service desk in your neighborhood.

If you believe that a child's situation is unsatisfactory, both parents and day parents should report it to Child Protection. Anonymity can be requested.