A City for People

The future vision of the Green Deal in social matters.

Reykjavík society is built on justice, fairness and the participation of children and adults. City residents live safely and can positively influence their own lives and others. By listening, mediating, scrutinizing, and developing, we support inclusion to ensure no one is left behind. Our Reykjavík.

Below you can see the main objectives in social matters in Reykjavík until 2030.

1. For all of us

The aim of Reykjavík City is to provide welfare services that promote the well-being of residents and ensure that Reykjavík is for everyone.

2. Let Dreams Come True

The future vision of Reykjavík City is that through intensive school and recreation, children and adolescents acquire education and experience to realize their dreams and positively impact their environment and society.

3. Culture and arts become an integral part of city life

The aim of Reykjavík City is to ensure equal opportunities for all residents to participate in and enjoy culture and arts.

4. Sports for Everyone

The aim of Reykjavík City is to encourage most residents to participate regularly in sports, physical exercise, or other physical activities.

5. Improved public health

The public health aim of Reykjavík City is to create a health-promoting, sustainable, and diverse community that supports safety, equality, active participation, and well-being for everyone in the health city of Reykjavík.

6. Human rights, increased participation, and improved dialogue with residents

Inclusion is the goal of Reykjavík City in human rights and democracy, giving residents the opportunity to work with the City to improve their living conditions and environment.