Landscaping and numberless cars in city land

Environmental monitoring receives reports of poor access to land and numberless cars on city land.

Procedure for numberless cars

Efforts are being made to remove cars, car flaps, buggy and similar in the following situations:

  • City Land Numberless Cars
  • Of the car there is a risk of contamination (e.g. oil or other contamination)
  • Of the car there is a risk of accidents (e.g. broken windows or weak foundations)

Vehicles are generally not removed if:

  • There is a car on private land, including corporate land.
  • Car on multi-storey property.

This applies as long as they do not pose a pollution and/or accident risk.

Attention is drawn to the fact that the Multi-Family House Act No. 26/1994 (Chapter III) authorizes housing associations to establish house rules, which include the use and access of common areas, including parking spaces. The Act also provides for a remedy to be taken in the event of a violation of the policy.

How long does a car owner get to remove the car?

When it is verified during the supervision of the health inspector that there is a numberless car or a vacancy in the city's land, a warning label is pasted to the car/item and the owner is given a deadline to remove it from the city's land.

The entire time limit is 14 days, but may be longer or shorter depending on the event. After the deadline, the contractor can remove the car/item and place it in storage for 30 days. If the owner has not visited the car within this time, the car/item may be disposed of or sold at the expense of the carrier.

Bad landscaping

  • Environmental Enforcement conducts litter complaints and bad access on private lands.
  • Landowners are responsible for their land, keeping it clean and tidy so that it does not discourage others.
  • Reports of litter and bad access to city land should be directed to the appropriate neighbourhood station.

Department of Health

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