Support for Children & Families


We all need help every so often. The help could be for performing daily activities or for better preparation to be an active member of society. Children and their families can receive a wide range of support to meet their needs due to social conditions, stress, illness or disability.

Child Protective Services

Reykjavik Child Protective Services (CPS) assists children and parents with problems ensure the future well-being and safety of children through a wide range of counseling, support and professional solutions.

Support Program for Children & Families

The support program for children and families includes a wide range of solutions that are implemented according to the needs of each individual. The options on offer include classes and education, individual support, group work and parenting counseling.

A better city for children

A better city for children is an integrated comprehensive program for children, youth and their families. Through this strong program, services are increasingly brought into the local environment of children and youth in schools and recreational activities, appropriate support is provided as soon as possible, and cooperation between the school and recreational sectors and the welfare sector is steadily enhanced in a targeted manner.


Where can I find out more?

Support for children and families is provided on the basis of the following laws and regulations:

For more information, please contact our Service Centers.

You can also call the Reykjavik City Service Center at: 4 11 11 11.