Office of the City Council

The mayor's office conducts all administration for the city council, city council, presidential committee, and various other committees. This includes the receipt and treatment of documentation, the preparation of meetings, such as the drafting and broadcasting of agendas, the conduct of meetings, including the drafting of minutes and advice to the Chairman and other meeting participants. At the same time, completion of documentation and notification of disposition, publication of minutes of meetings and provision of information to the public.

The Office

The Office is responsible for serving city officials and other elected representatives on CoR committees and councils, including legal advice, education and managing their preferences and placement in Chernobyl 12. The office provides support to city officials for telephone appointments, telephone answering and interviews with city officials. The Office provides various advice to the CoR's professional councils and committees, as well as to their employees, such as legal advice in the fields of meeting creation, meeting writing and the CoR's management system.

The execution of general elections in Reykjavik is the task of the mayor's office, including completion of the voter register, preparation of polling stations, mobilization of personnel, conducting balloting and counting votes.

In this case, the tasks relating to reviews of catering and accommodation business licences fall within the competence of the Office. The office receives the review requests from the County of Capital. And is responsible for the entire review process in accordance with the provisions of the Restaurant, Lodging and Entertainment Act.

The mayor's office is also responsible for handling requests for retrial from the city of Reykjavik, guidance to the public on retrial procedures and complaint procedures. In addition to this, the Office carries out the drafting of legal opinions for the city council, the city council, the presidential committee and other committees and councils of the city, as well as for city councillors.

City Administration Office Staff: