Gudmundsson Literary Prize


The Tomas Gudmundsson Literary Prize is awarded each year in memory of Tomas Gudmund for making an unprinted manuscript into a book of poetry. The prize jury is chaired by the city council and is composed of three people.

How do I participate?

A previously unpublished manuscript of a book of poetry, written in Icelandic, should be submitted to the CoR. Manuscripts competing for the Prize must be submitted in three copies, marked with an alias, with the name and telephone number included in the closed envelope.

Manuscripts are due by Tuesday 1 June 2021 at the latest.

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Gudmundsson Literary Prize The

City of Reykjavik's UNESCO Literary Heritage

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Tjarnargata 11


The publishing rights of an award-winning manuscript are vested in the author or publisher with whom he decides to cooperate. If the panel of judges is of the opinion that none of the works received satisfies the requirements that it considers to be awarded works, the award ceremony may be cancelled in that year.

What is the reward?

Prize winner receives prize money It is paid by the CoR and is awarded one prize annually at the beginning of winter. In 2021, the amount of the prize will be 1,000,000.

Who commissions a jury?

The prize jury is chaired by the CoR's Council for Culture, Sport and Leisure for a period of one year at a time. Three people, one nominated by the Council for Culture, Sport and Recreation, one nominated by the City of Literature of UNESCO and one nominated by the Writers' Union of Iceland.

Older Scripts

Ragnheid Lárusdóttir was awarded in 2020 for a manuscript to the 1900 book of poetry and something else. Others who had a script in the contest can cite it in the CoR's Culture and Tourism Office by the end of February 2021, after which it will be deleted. An alias must be provided. Only an envelope with the name of the prize winner was opened.

Award winners from the start

2020 Ragnheid Lárusdóttir - 1900 and something Harpa Rún Kristjánsdóttir - Edda Ingvarsson's Hawk - Habitat 2017: Jonas Reynir Gunnarsson - Large oil tankers Eyrún Oskar Jónsdóttir - Generous licence for the purchase of cigarettes Ragnar Helgi Ólafsson - To the comfort of those who do not find themselves in their contemporaries Hearts of Marteinsson - The Alzheimer's variants Bjarki Karlsson – The Yearlessness of Centuries Day Heartson – Where the winds rest - and more sincere poems Sindri Freysson - In the claws of the valley clay Þórdís Gísladóttir - The Secret of Others Eyþór Árnason – Doggá from a different country Magnus Victory – Butterflies, Mint and Sparrows of Lesbia Ari John – Cinderella Days Ingunn Snæfdal – Godless Men - Thoughts on Glacial Water and Love Resource Ólafsdóttir – Rain in November Sigururbjörg Þrastardóttir - The Story of Sun Hearts of Savior Marteinsson – AM 00 Bjorn Bjarnason – The city behind the words Elín Ebba Gunnarsdóttir – Some Stories Helgi Ingolfsson – Typed in the wind.