Port Authority, Associated Icelandic Ports sf.

The joint venture agreement for Associated Icelandic Ports was confirmed on November 17, 2004, with Reykjavík City being the largest owner with a 75.6% share, Akranes Town with 10.8%, Hvalfjörður District with 9.3%, Borgarbyggð with 4.1% and Skorradalur District with 0.2%, in addition to some other municipalities being owners.

The purpose of Associated Icelandic Ports is the operation of Reykjavík Harbor, Akranes Harbor, Grundartangi Harbor, Borgarnes Harbor, and any other harbors that may become members of the company.

The company operates according to point 3 of Article 8 of the Harbor Act No. 61/2003. The highest authority of the company rests with the owners' meetings, which must hold an annual general meeting before the end of June each year.

The company's board, the Port Authority, elected for one year at a time at the annual general meeting, is composed of eight members and an equal number of alternates. The City Council elects five board members and also the chair, the town council of Akranes elects one board member, the municipal council of Hvalfjörður elects one board member, and Borgarbyggð and Skorradalur District jointly nominate one board member. Alternates are elected in the same manner. The chair's vote is decisive in case of a tie.

The residence of the Port Authority is in the Harbor House on Tryggvagata in Reykjavík.

The City Council elected members to the board of Associated Icelandic Ports on December 21, 2022. The Chair is Þórdís Lóa Þórhallsdóttir.