Construction of premises

Illustration of mixed residential and commercial property

Where are new apartments being built and what are the next areas of construction?

To answer this question, the CoR annually publishes a walled summary: Construction of apartments in the city and the Green Plan, October 2021

Upplýsingar um uppbyggingu íbúða

Reykjavíkurborg heldur úti öflugri upplýsingamiðlun um uppbyggingu íbúða með útgáfu kynningarrits, kynningarfundum og skýrslum um framvindu húsnæðisáætlunar:

Kynningarrit: Uppbygging íbúða í borginni  

Kynningarfundur um uppbyggingu íbúða             

Ársfjórðungsskýrsla og heildaryfirlit ársins 2021      

Viltu nánari upplýsingar?

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Focus Projects

The Green Plan
The Green Plan is an outreach programme to the City of Reykjavik and lays the lines of funding, financing and green space for 10 years. A public toilet building in Steam
Gufunes is one of the most interesting price­ trends inthe country. It is pursuing the development of a creation ­spirit village in which various creations ­spirit functions ­ semi and population­ structures are mixed.


riverhead is the greenest neighbourhood in the country.
The estuary and Elliðaárvogur are the largest development and reconstruction areas in Reykjavik.

The new Cutter Fjord
Pedestrians and cyclists will be the first priority in any neighborhood design.

Shire Field
Implementers attach great importance to problem solving, both in terms of design and implementation.