Driving Services for Seniors - Fees

Article 1

Fee Amount:

The fee per trip at the elderly driving service is £50. 1,320.- regardless of the number of trips.

Article 2

Fee obligation for unutilized services:

Ordered trips should be paid for when an overdue trip has not been reported.

A trip should be cancelled at the earliest possible notice, with a minimum of three hours in advance of the planned trip. Otherwise, the trip will be considered included in the settlement in respect of both the municipality and the user. If a user does not arrive at the travel starting point at the scheduled time, the trip is also considered to be in liquidation towards the municipality and the user.

Article 3

Entry into force:

This tariff is established with the support of Chapter X of the Municipal Social Services Act, No. 40/1991 and City of Reykjavik Rules on Driving Services for Seniors

This schedule of fees enters into force on January 1, 2022, superseding the previously applicable schedule of fees, No.. 1377/2019.