Environmental Monitoring Agency

The Reykjavík Environmental Monitoring Agency promotes a healthy, safe, and unpolluted environment indoors as well as outdoors within the city limits. The Environmental Monitoring Agency issues work permits, confirms registrations, and carries out inspections of companies that are subject to supervision and licensing under the Act on Hygiene and Pollution Prevention.


The Environmental Monitoring Agency is responsible for issuing work permits to companies and institutions and confirms registrations for companies subject to registration, which provide services to the public or are polluting, as well as quarantine certificates and tobacco sales permits.

Demolition of housing & asbestos

Indoor air, moisture & mold

The Environmental Monitoring Agency provides advice regarding indoor air, moisture, and mold in buildings.


Noise refers to sound that people did not ask to hear. A sound that one person experiences as noise can sound like art to someone else. How people experience the noise depends, for example, on the intensity of the sound, its frequency, and duration.

The aim of the Noise Regulation is to prevent or reduce harmful effects caused by noise. The Regulation covers noise, for example at concerts and clubs, car and aircraft traffic, as well as noise related to construction.

Upkeep and unregistered vehicles

The Environmental Monitoring Agency receives reports of blighted land and unregistered vehicles on city grounds. When an employee of the Public Health Authority confirms during inspection that an unregistered vehicle or large item is on city grounds, a warning notice is attached to the vehicle/item and the owner is given a deadline to remove it from city grounds.


Education and guidelines

Here you will find education and guidelines from the Environmental Monitoring Agency on all kinds of activities.


Laws and regulations

The website of the Environment Agency of Iceland has laws and regulations, international agreements, and various information on environmental responsibility.


Inspection results

Here you can find the results of regular inspections by the Reykjavík Public Health Authority at regulated companies in Reykjavik.

Reykjavík Public Health Authority

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