Center North



Efstaleiti 1
103 Reykjavík

Húsnæði Þjónustumiðstöðvar Laugardals og Háaleitis í Sjónvarpshúsinu við Efstaleiti

About North Center

You can make an appointment for counseling and/or get general information about the services by calling North Center or by email. 

The Centers are located in 4 Reykjavik districts and provide services to individuals and families, specialist services for preschools and primary schools, recreational counseling as well as general information on the activities of the City of Reykjavik. They are responsible for the implementation of Reykjavik City’s prevention policy, and they engage in professional collaboration with an emphasis on integrated services.

The North Center office is in Efstaleiti 1 (the National Radio Building or “útvarpshúsið”), and the center has many establishments in the districts of Laugardalur and Háaleiti. These include, in particular, group homes and apartment complexes for people with disabilities, serviced apartments for older people, and community centers. In total, North Center has close to 40 establishments and over 600 employees.

Due to the composition of the population, North Center has been tasked specifically with developing two knowledge center projects. Under the motto: “Inclusive Society” these are a knowledge center for services for older people and a knowledge center on services for people with disabilities.

Emphasis is placed on local service to residents with multidisciplinary teamwork and a holistic approach so that different knowledge, approaches, and experience are of the best use to the residents when service are provided.

The Managing Director of North Center is Kristinn J. Reimarsson and the Division Heads are:

  • Ásta Kristín Benediktsdóttir, Division of Activity & Counseling.
  • Alda Róbertsdóttir, Division of Children & Families.
  • Ragna Lilja Garðarsdóttir, Division of Adults (home care and residential care)
  • Ragna Ragnardóttir, Division of Adults with Disabilities
  • Sigrún Ingvarsdóttir, Senior Care
  • Unnur Halldórsdóttir, Division of Finance & Operations.

The districts of Laugardalur, Háaleiti and Bústaðir are wellness neighborhoods. Invaluable social capital can be found in the neighborhoods, and this social capital can reduce mental distress and social isolation.