Center East



Gylfaflöt 5
112 Reykjavík

The Building at Gylfaflot 5

About East Center

The service center of Grafarvogur and Kjalarnes (Miðgarður) and the service center of Árbær and Grafarholt merged into East Center at the beginning of 2022. The aim is to consolidate the activities under one roof at the beginning of 2023.

East Center handles comprehensive information dissemination about Reykjavik City services. All applications for Reykjavik City services can be submitted to the Center which is responsible for directing them to the right party within the City’s administration.

You can make an appointment for counseling and/or get details about the services by calling the Center at 411 1400 or by email.

The main objectives of the Center:

  • Increasing access to services so that residents can turn to one place with their issues.
  • Offering targeted services through multidisciplinary collaboration and project integration.
  • Strengthening social capital in neighborhoods and increasing collaboration with residents, non-profit organizations, and others in the neighborhood.
  • Preparing Reykjavik for the future so that, among other things, the City can handle more projects from the Government.

The aim of enhanced collaboration relating to social and school services is to provide more comprehensive and ambitious services to schools, individuals, and families in the neighborhood.

We emphasize collaboration with people seeking the services of the Center in order to make the services as good as possible.

When receiving school services, you can expect:

  • Counseling and guidance for people involved in children’s issues, whether they are school staff or parents.
  • Assistance in establishing collaboration between home and school.
  • Psychological diagnosis and counseling for parents. 

When receiving social services, you can expect:

  • Taking an overall view in the processing of the cases of individuals and families.
  • Social counseling for individuals and families.
  • Assistance to help yourself.

The Managing Director of East Center is Ingibjörg Þ Sigurþórsdóttir.