Standby squares

Every spring, the City of Reykjavík calls for imaginative and enthusiastic individuals or groups to adopt a public area in the Reykjavík. The project usually lasts from May to September every year and is intended to create fun public squares and make the City more fun.

The application deadline was April 1, 2022.


The Standby Square project has been underway in Reykjavík since 2011, focusing on public squares and public areas. The project aims to revitalize and redefine areas with temporary solutions. Thereby creating more enjoyable spaces and embracing the unexpected as a platform for radical experimentation with the urban environment. The areas are assigned to groups and individuals who want to experiment and bring them to life.

In 2022, the focus of Standby Squares is on climate change and how to increase carbon sequestration and promote biodiversity in urban spaces to create optimal living conditions for people, birds, and flora.

Let's spot the possibilities

A Standby Square is primarily a planning tool intended to promote the sustainable development of areas, increase the diverse use of public spaces, and showcase the potential of these areas to the public, residents, operators, and other stakeholders.


The project also supports the goals outlined in Reykjavík City's 2040 Municipal Plan on the organization of ecological neighborhoods and ecological transportation.

What are standby projects?

Standby area projects offer cities the opportunity to experiment with temporary projects, allowing creative ideas to be tested without costly construction, and often yielding unexpected results that would have been difficult to anticipate in advance. Many cities around the world are adopting this philosophy, which can sometimes lead to lasting changes.

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