Student Apartments

Extensive construction of student apartments is currently underway with the CoR's cooperation with the University of Iceland/ Student Community Foundation, the University of Reykjavik and the Student Construction Association.

The City Council has adopted specific declarations of intent and has given its approval for the construction of some 1,340 study­man­apartments over the next few years. In autumn 2020, the implementation of 472 student apartments has been completed. There are then 355 apartments under construction and 580 apartments are in the process of being planned or partitioned. In total, these are 1,407 apartments.

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Detail of cooperation in the construction of student apartments

830 apartments in partnership with HI and FS: Construction of 103 rental units in Brautarholt was completed in 2017. Construction of 244 rental units in University Science Parks was completed in 2020. An extension of the Old Garden with 69 rooms is under construction. The completion and handover of rental rooms is scheduled for August 2021. There is an agreed division for 34 rental units at FS West Bay. In phase 1 of Cutter-Based, 160 rental units for FS are in the planning process. A framework plan for the University is in progress for 450 apartments/rental units. Build in the third year one hundred apartments in partnership with the Student Construction Association: Implementation is underway for the construction of 100 rental units on KHI land at Stakkahlíð. The first apartments are scheduled to be ready by the end of 2021. Works completion is planned for August 2022. Implementation began in July 2020 of four Graveyard student parks with 56 apartments. First flats are scheduled to be ready in August 2021. Works completion is planned for August 2022. Community residences will have a purchase option of up to 5% of BN's apartments. A good 400 apartments are to be built in partnership with the University Building Society: Construction of Phase 1 of the HR University Parks, 125 rental units on Nauthól Road 83, was completed in 2020. Phase 2 of HR University Gardens, construction of 130 rental units is in the implementation phase. Works completion is scheduled for summer 2021. An approved division plan for the 3rd phase of HR University Gardens, construction of 166 rental units is in place. Implementation is scheduled to commence in 2021.