Department of Human Resources and Work Environment

The CoR's Human Resources and Environment Directorate oversees the CoR's human resources and supports the city's policies and key priorities.

About the Department

The vision of the department is to build strong human resources in order to attract, support and develop workers so that they can serve the city's citizens in ways that benefit from the respect and trust of the community. It is also important that city staff have the skills and skills needed to meet job responsibilities and to provide the level of service that has been set.

Field staff manage and supervise the implementation of human resources policies, ensure consistency in implementation and advise managers. In addition, the field deals with human resources services for central administration in City Hall and deals with the conclusion of collective agreements. In addition, the field places strong emphasis on continuous and good cooperation with managers of human resources services and other areas with a view to increasing the efficiency and quality of services and laying a foundation for a good workplace culture.



The director is Lóa Birna Birgisdóttir.

Organization chart