Center South



Álfabakki 10
109 Reykjavík

Inngangur Suðurmiðstöðvar í Mjódd

About South Center

South Center is a comprehensive source of information on Reykjavik City services. The Center provides welfare services to the residents of Breiðholt, school services for preschools and primary schools, daycare counseling, recreational counseling, and various professional services to organizations and persons in the neighborhood.

You can make an appointment for counseling and/or get details about the services by calling the Center at 411 1300 or by email.

The aim of the Centers is to make services more accessible to residents and to promote multidisciplinary collaboration between experts in children’s and family matters, thus enhancing the quality of life in Reykjavik. At the same time, the Centers are committed to empowering all kinds of neighbourhood activities in collaboration with residents, non-governmental organizations and others who want to be involved.

The Managing Director of South Center is Óskar Dýrmundur Ólafsson