Application for surface perforation

An application must be made for a use permit in the Rosy electronic application system. The applicant himself is responsible for obtaining supporting documentation and his application is not considered until all documentation is available.


In many cases, a review must be sought from other parties involved, such as Street bs., police, residents and other stakeholders, in which case the delivery time may be extended. In the case of larger operations, a special dialogue is convened with the licensee and relevant stakeholders.

License Extension

If it is found that completion is not achieved within the validity period of a licence, the licensee shall timely apply for a licence extension, stating the reasons for which extension is requested. An extension is applied in RoSy. An extension is applied in RoSy. In the event of unforeseeable delays or changes in the implementation of the project, the Concessionaire must also inform the Reactor and Street Bs. in the case of a bus route.

Announced finishes and surface finishes

Licensee shall report the completion of the work under the My Pages tab of the RoSy. When announcing the completion of the works, the surface shall be top filled and ready for surface finishing which is the responsibility of the CoR at the licensee's expense. From 15 October – 31 March, top filling shall be done with cold ore. From 15 October – 31 March, top filling shall be done with cold ore.

Data with application

  • Workspace delimitation and marking plan. Workspace delimitation and marking plan. In case of loss of safety and access to city land due to the use (such as closures or narrowing of streets, sidewalks, pedestrian walkways or cycle paths), a drawing showing the demarcation of the work area, the marking of the work area and the manner in which the work is organised must be provided. A marking plan can be either a standard drawing in the Roadmap and CoR guidelines, or a special drawing in case of works that have a major impact on the local environment. The marking plan shall be prepared by a person who has passed the work area marking test on behalf of the Road Administration and the City of Reykjavik and who thus complies with the rules on work area marking.
  • Responsible for labelling. Responsible for labelling. Name, phone number and email address of the responsible for labelling in the work area. It is a prerequisite that the responsible person has passed the work area marking test on behalf of the Road Administration and the City of Reykjavik.
  • A dated photograph showing an overview and the surface of the proposed execution site on the city land.
  • Lighthouses, street documentation or greenery, if applicable. Lighthouses, street data or crops, if applicable, information on whether the lighthouses, street data or crops need to be removed as a result of the operations.
  • Wiring drawings. Warehouse drawings. Drawings are ordered on the Warehouse and Mile website.
  • Procedural permits of the organizer in case of major operations affecting the environment and its outlook.
  • Article for larger works and construction works (if the licensee has to use city land for works within a plot).


This specification shall be accompanied by information on:

  • Timed implementation schedule in case of phased deployment.
  • The information signs and the layout of the work area fences, but all work areas where the works last for a long period of time must comply with the provisions of the information signs and the layout of the work area fences. The number of information signs depends on the size of the working area. One sign and two signs can be accessed here.
  • Provision of information to the local environment.
  • Determine the site demarcation plan for each construction stage (e.g. demolition, excavation, etc.), if applicable
  • Transportation of materials, devices and equipment to and from the construction lot, if applicable.

Inquiries and/or Tips

The telephone hours for use permits are Monday to Thursday at 10:30–11:30 at 411 1111.

You can also send inquiries and suggestions to us at or call customer service at the number listed above and leave a message.