Art and Culture in 2030

Arts and Culture in Reykjavik 2030, the City's Strategy for Arts and Culture was approved by the City Council on November 16, 2021. The strategy is accompanied by an action plan until 2023.

The strategy has three main focuses:

  • Lifelong inclusion and access to culture and the arts for the city's citizens
  • Reykjavík - a city that artists love to live and work in
  • Culture and art in every neighborhood of the city

Leisure & Culture

Prospects for the future

"The CoR's cultural policy aims to ensure that by 2030 all residents have equal opportunities to enjoy art, culture and cultural heritage as both participants and consumers. The city's artistic and cultural life should not be homogeneous, but should reflect the diverse humanity of the city.

The CoR aims to make the city an excellent place for artistic creation and to make it a city where artists seek to live and work. Reykjavik is set to become a renowned cultural city around the world and tourists come here to experience smoky art and culture.

Every neighborhood in the city is meant to be a boiler of art and culture that reflects the specifics and history of every part of the city. All inhabitants of the city shall have equal opportunities to participate in and enjoy culture and art in their local environment ".