More mural art in Breiðholt

miðvikudagur, 28. mars 2018

Students from the art department at the Community College Fjölbrautarskólinn í Breiðholti painted a mural at the end wall of the apartment building at Vesturberg 70 – 74 in upper Breiðholt neighbourhood.

  • The Flow of Birds mural art.
    The Flow of Birds mural art.
  • The group of artists.
    The group of artists that worked upon the painting.
  • The site in Vesturberg was formerly a popular graffiti venue.
    The site in Vesturberg was formerly a popular graffiti venue.
  • Working on the project.
    Working on the project.

The art department ran an internal art competition amongst the students and selected the art piece entered by Monika Jóhanna Karlsdóttir, called The Flow of Birds.

It was the Vesturberg resident’s association that initiated the idea of rendering a mural competition amongst the art students at the local Community College.  The wall has been a popular site for illicit graffiti over the years, and they hope that by decorating it with this stunning piece of art will bring an end to that trend.

Since 2013 several big walls in upper Breiðholt have been covered with mural art  with two mural works by the internationally renowned artist Erró, The Feather by artist Sara Riel, a work by the acclaimed Ragnar Kjartansson and a work by Theresa Himmer, making Breiðholt a very interesting place to visit.

The Flow of Birds project was funded by the residents themselves, the City of Reykjavík and Litaland store.

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