Remediation fund for concert venues in Reykjavík

Small and mid-sized concert venues in Reykjavik can apply for funding from a new remediation fund that supports the improvement of venue facilities, accessibility and equipment. An application for a remediation fund grant should be made on the until the date of the concluded form.

How to apply?

You will send an application to the address marked "Application to Remediation Fund" and the name of the concert venue.

The deadline for applications is 31 May 2021 inclusive.

This is a temporary strike for a period of two years. First, it was allocated from the Fund in 2020, so now it is a second allocation.

Who can apply and what is supported?

Fund grants may be awarded to smaller and mid-sized concert venues and cultural buildings hosting concerts in Reykjavík for improvements in facilities, accessibility and equipment.

The conditions for granting the fund are that applicants submit a concert venue business plan at least two years in advance, set out the direction and focus of the concert, can demonstrate good governance and credibility of the owners and managers, and have a contract with a conductor for the official transfer of music. A cost estimate of the proposed improvements must also be included, along with information on how the site intends to fund its share of the costs. Grantees should report on the provision of the grant before the end of the award year.

A professional group reviews applications and submits a report on them to the Culture, Sports and Recreation Council, which makes the final decision on which locations are eligible for funding. There are three representatives in the professional group, one nominated by the Culture, Sports and Leisure Council and two nominated by the interest groups within music which is contributing money to the fund. It is not made public until after the final outcome of the Council has been identified who is a member of the professional body.

Role of the Board of Directors

The remediation fund's role is to support the existence of smaller and mid-sized concert venues in Reykjavik by providing funding for the remediation of the venues in terms of facilities, equipment and accessibility. This supports the continuation of the facilities for live music transmission in the city, which at the same time support the music scene and enhance human life. Donors are expected to bear a quarter of the cost of the remediation themselves. It is allowed to calculate the cost of own work effort.

Any more questions?

María Rut Reynisdóttir, project manager of the City of Music.


For further information, please contact María Rut Reynisdóttir via e-mail