Environmental monitoring


The Reykjavik Environmental Protection Agency promotes a healthy, safe and uncontaminated environment outside as well as inside the city. The Environmental Inspectorate issues work permits and supervises companies that are subject to supervision and work permits under the Hygiene and Pollution Prevention Act.


The Environmental Inspectorate is responsible for issuing work permits to companies and organisations that provide services to the public or are pollutants, as well as anti-dumping certificates and tobacco sales permits.

and asbestos

demolition A temporary work permit must be applied

to the Environmental Protection Agency for housing and asbestos demolition. Attention is drawn to the fact that there is four weeks of advertising time on work permits for demolition. At the end of the four-week advertising period, the health inspectorate may grant a temporary work permit.

Indoor air, moisture and mold

Environmental monitoring advises on moisture and mould in premises.



Noise refers to sound that is not being sought after. Sound experienced by one can be art in another's ears. The way people experience the noise depends, for example, on the intensity of the sound, its frequency and duration. The aim of noise regulation is to prevent or reduce the harmful effects caused by noise. The regulation covers, for example, noise in concerts and entertainment venues, car and aircraft traffic, as well as noise related to operations.

Land traffic and no-number cars The

Environmental Protection Agency receives reports of poor land traffic and no-number cars in city land. When it is verified during the supervision of the health inspector that there is a numberless car or a vacancy in the city's land, a warning label is pasted to the car/item and the owner is given a deadline to remove it from the city's land.

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Education and mentoring

Here you will find training and guidance from the Environmental Protection Inspectorate on all kinds of activities.


Laws and regulations

On the EEA website, you'll find laws and regulations, international agreements, and things about environmental liability.


Monitoring results

Here you will find the results of the periodic inspections carried out by the National Health Service in licensed companies in Reykjavik.

Department of Health

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