Certificate of employment


A certificate of employment is a confirmation by the current or previous employer of the employment history of a workforce. A proof of employment is requested from the City of Reykjavik at a site that requires electronic identification of the applicant.

Career Information

Where can I access information about my career at the City of Reykjavik?

  • To submit a certificate of employment request, log in to the support site.
  • An electronic ID or Ice Key must be used for authentication.
  • The information should be aimed at the last place of work at the City of Reykjavik.
  • The certificate can then be accessed in your area at www.island.is.
Please note that the delivery time for employment certificates may vary considerably, depending on how far back you have to look for information.

What is bullying?

A certificate of employment is a confirmation by the previous employer of the period of employment and job title performed by the employee. They are used, among other things, to establish the experience and seniority of individuals.

Employment certificates from other employers may therefore affect the employee's pay to raise and sick leave entitlements (work in rural communities or state).