School Orchestras

Strákur leikur á þverflautu

Problematic music education and upbringing takes place in the four school orchestras that operate on behalf of the CoR. The leisure card can be used to pay off tuition fees.

Countryside in every neighborhood

The school orchestras of Reykjavik are the School Orchestra of East Bohemia, the School Orchestra of Grafarvogur, the School Orchestra of Aarhus and Breiðholt and the School Orchestra of West Bohemia and Downtown.

How much does it cost to be in Thoracic?

Degree in a school band costs 15,150 kr per month.

Audiovisual rental per semester costs €4,610.


Roles and Objectives

  • Contribute to enhancing students' ability to convey, analyze and create music and to listen to and enjoy music.
  • Equalise students' opportunities for music education

  • Enhancing Social Communication

  • Enhance self-discipline, collaboration and independent practices

  • Promote greater musical knowledge and provide opportunities for students to perform

  • Promote the musical upbringing of other young people by performing on behalf of primary schools



The school orchestras teach on all major metal, wooden and percussion instruments. You can request to rent instruments from the orchestras as soon as you apply to a school orchestra.

The Leisure Card

You can use the Reykjavik City Recreation Card to pay with part of the tuition fees from the school bands.


Data and Links

Viðhorf foreldra barna í skólahljómsveitum

The survey was conducted in April and May 2018.

The objectives of the parent surveys on behalf of the Office of School and Recreation are primarily four-fold:

  • That parents can comment on the program
  • Providing feedback on the program to Functional Location Managers
  • Providing feedback on the program to Functional Location Managers
  • That job position managers utilize the information to keep up with the strengths of the function and to further improve the job
  • That managers in the school and recreation office and elected representatives be informed of the program in order to fulfill their responsibilities

All parents who had a child/adolescent enrolled in a school band in the spring of 2018 were sent a request to participate. No more than one child from the same household was asked. The survey was sent to the email address of one parent and then the other.