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Reykjavík Smart City

Smart City is a city that uses information, communications and telecommunications technology to improve the quality of life in a sustainable way. Smart City gathers and combines data from different databases related to the infrastructure of the city and uses it to improve services, quality of life and environment.

Smart City Projects will include more efficient transport, improved operations, increased environmental awareness and better use of energy.
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Use your smartphone to take the bus in Reykjavík

The public transportation app for city buses which are known under the name of Straetó in the greater Reykjavík area was launched in November 2014. The app has been a great success. It has been downloaded 85.000 times which must be considered a major feat in a country with only 330 thousands inhabitants. Furthermore and more importantly the app has attracted new customers to use the buses.  Get the free app for Android. Get the free app for iPhone.
The app has won the Icelandic Web-awards and the Nexpo awards in Iceland. 
Get the free app for Android. Get the free app for iPhone.

LUKR - The Land Information System of the Reykjavík Area

LUKR is an abbreviation for Landupplýsingakerfi Reykjavíkur (The Land Information System of the Reykjavík Area). This is a joint GIS-system of the municipal technical departments of the city of Reykjavik, plus the state owned Telecommunications of Iceland, including the entire public utilities systems in Reykjavik, like cold water, hot/geothermal water, electricity, telecommunication, sewage, buildings, street curbs, street centerlines, parcel boundaries, coastal lines with lakes and rivers, contour lines etc.The project was started in 1988. The LUKR-system covers the Reykjavik municipality area of 270 km2, including an urban area of 45 km2. Besides, six smaller surrounding municipalities are included in the GIS-system and partly also their public utilities systems. The total population of the Greater Reykjavik urban area is about 202.000 inhabitants, thereof about 120.000 reside in the City of Reykjavik.

Go to LUKR.

ON Power - Reykjavik energy company

ON Power is a leading power company that produces electricity, mainly by harnessing geothermal energy, to more than half of the population of Iceland. The company is a world leader in the utilisation of geothermal energy, and produces electricity and geothermal water for heating.
Renewable power sources account for more than 70% of the total primary energy consumption in Iceland, far higher than anywhere else in the world. Our district heating utility is the largest geothermal district heating utility in the world.
ON power website.

Better Reykjavík

Better Reykjavík is an online consultation forum where citizens are given the chance to present their ideas on issues regarding services and operations of the City of Reykjavík. Anyone can view the open forum and registered users who approve the terms of participation can participate in the forum.

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