Councils, committees and boards


The Civil Administration elects to the multiple Councils, Committees and Boards of Directors acting under the authority of the Civil Administration. The CoR's Board of Governors and City Council meetings specify the councils, committees and boards involved, but it is the city council that elects its representatives to them.

Elected to councils, committees and boards

The City Council elects councils and committees to deal with specific issues, but they act on specific approvals specifying the roles, tasks and responsibilities of each.

The City Council elects seven deputies and seven alternates to serve on the Board for a period of four years at a time on the City's disciplinary councils, which are as follows:

At that time, the city council elects to the following councils and committees for four years at a time:

  • Public
    Affairs Committee. One agent and two alternates.
  • Committee on the Rights of the Child. Five agents and five alternates.
  • Court of Auditors. Three agents and three alternates.
  • Accessibility and Coordination Committee on Disability Issues. Three agents and three alternates.
  • Multicultural Council. Two agents and two backup agents.
  • Residents Three delegates each time and three alternates. There are nine population councils.
  • Procurement and Executive Council. Five agents and five alternates.
  • Violence Prevention Committee. Three agents and three alternates.
  • Bridge pension fund. Three representatives on the Board of Directors and three alternates.
  • Council of Elders. Two agents and two backup agents.

The Civil Administration also elects for one year representatives to the following boards:

  • Facsimile ports. Five agents and five alternates.
  • Energy efficiency of. Five agents and five alternates.


on the provisions of the relevant electoral law, the City Council elects representatives to the Superior Electoral Tribunals, Neighborhood Electoral Tribunals and Sub-electoral Tribunals, as well as deputies.

The city and/or city council elects or appoints its representatives to various boards, councils or committees according to the provisions of laws and regulations or according to specific approvals.