Learning and career counselling

The Reykjavík University of Applied Sciences offers free study and career counselling to smokers over the age of 16.

Depending on the individual needs, the counseling may consist of the following:

  • assessing people's strengths and suggesting areas of interest
  • to advise on learning paths outside and within the Learning Categories,
  • finding ways for specific learning
  • difficulties, for

    example, reading
    difficulties, finding ways to finance learning

  • , advising on
    learning techniques, teaching
  • goal
  • , monitoring learning progress, and encouraging admiration
  • to
    assist in the creation of CVs and career choices

Core network

The classes offer people over 16 years of age learning the course materials of the top grades of elementary school in English, Icelandic and mathematics. Efforts are being made to tailor learning to everyone's needs. Those who want to can get help with study planning and learning techniques and exam preparation from a study and career counsellor. Tests are available, but are optional.

Who is the undergraduate degree for?

Those 16 - 18 years of age who have not passed the primary school examination (this group must take an examination).
Those over 18 years of age who have not completed a primary school diploma.
Those who want to recall their primary education.
Those who want to can better assist their children with home school.
There is a learning power for youth aged 16-24. This is a collaborative project between the CoR's Training Categories, the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Polytechnic Institute at Ármula. This is a one-year second year tertiary learning resource. This is a one-year second year tertiary learning resource.

It aims to help young people who are neither studying nor working find a way to live their lives through vocational training, self-employment, counselling and learning about learning and jobs. The project lasts 16 weeks and is a partnership between the CoR's Training Groups and the CoR's Social Welfare Office. The aim of Women's Maker is to provide mothers who have not been in the labour market for some time to improve their education and become more capable of reintegrating into the labour market and/or continuing their studies. Lessons are taught 4-5 times a week for 18 months. Lessons are taught 4-5 times a week for 18 months. Learning is trivial, as it is divided into being literate, creative and self-reinforcing. The project is constantly evolving.

The lessons will take place at the Reykjavík School of Education on South Highway 32, Level 2 and the Reykjavík School of Housing Management.

Employment-related learning

Work-related learning is particularly important for students in grades 9 and 10 of primary school who, due to specific hardships other than disability, are struggling with significant challenges in learning or a high level of dysphoria in school. This project is intended to improve the way students feel and give them the opportunity to show what they are capable of.

Inquiries and/or Tips

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