Diversity | City of Reykjavík
One of the objectives of the City of Reykjavík is to enable the citizens to enjoy diversity in culture and community where knowledge, open-mindedness, equality, and mutual respect characterize the relations between people of diverse origin.
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All the institutions of the City have to adapt to a multicultural society and execute the City of Reykjavik´s policy on multicultural society, in their work plans.
The institutions should take into account the needs of immigrants both as users and providers of service and take into considerations the special needs of immigrants without assuming they are a homogeneous group. Those that move here have to adapt to Icelandic society. Those that were here before have to adapt to people of diverse origins.
The City should strive to take advantages of the benefits of diversity in all its work.

Main objectives of the City of Reykjavik are:

  • to decrease prejudice against immigrants,
  • that institutions assure that immigrants can fully use their service,
  • that children of immigrants can take advantage of the school system on equal terms with other children,
  • that all immigrants are given opportunities to study Icelandic and are encouraged to learn it,
  • that knowledge and education of  immigrants can be used both to their and other citizens´ advantage,
  • that inhabitants of Reykjavík take advantage of the diversity of the society,
  • that the City’´s authorities have access to reliable information about the circumstances of immigrants,
  • that immigrants know their rights and duties,
  • that there is a reaction if people are discriminated against due to their origin.

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