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The Multicultural Council

The Multicultural Council acts as an advisory board to the Human Rights Council and other departments in the city that deal with immigration issues. The Multicultural Council aims to engage multicultural communities and bridge Icelanders to them, advocate in the interest of multicultural communities and encourage the development of a harmonious multicultural society. 
  • The Multicultural Council works to engage multicultural communities in the city and to bridge Icelanders to them.

Who are we?

The current Multicultural Council of Reykjavík is chaired by a group of three representatives and three vice representatives—all Reykjavik citizens of foreign origin—elected by their peers at the Multicultural Congress in November 2014 as well as two representatives and two vice representatives appointed by the Reykjavík City Council


The Reykjavík Multicultural Council is a consultation platform for foreign citizens of Reykjavík, immigrant organizations, the labour market and city representatives. The Council is an active participant in the making of policy concerning citizens of foreign origin.
The Multicultural Council is an advisory body for the City of Reykjavík’s operations on immigrant issues and supports, in cooperation with City Service Centers, empowerment of social capital and promotion of city institutions to citizens of foreign origin


  • To provide advice on immigrant matters to Reykjavík City Council and other councils and committees in Reykjavík.
  • To work on the interests of immigrants in Reykjavík.
  • To promote information and cooperation between the City of Reykjavík and groups of interest working on immigrant matters.
  • To make proposals to City Council on immigrant matters and related policy.
  • To connect immigrant society and build bridges between immigrants and Icelanders.
  • To promote immigrant matters and support a peaceful, multicultural society.


Sabine Leskopf, chairman (nominated by the City council)

Hildur Björnsdóttir  (nominated by the City Council)


Maciej Tadeusz Chmielewski

Leyla Exe

Dino Ðula

Ellen Jacqueline Calmon (nominated by the City council)

Alexander Wiltold Bogdanski (nominated by the City Council)

Information about  the council


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